7 Dates Second Date Game

Flirt With These Cute Guys To Win an Amazing Date!

7 Dates Second Game has another set of awesome guys for girls to flirt with, while the better the lines you feed these guys the better the date you will win. Browse through the album to find the guy you fancy the most then click on his image to begin the game.

Your chosen date will appear on the screen to say hi and will wait to see what you have to say to him. Players have three replies to choose from therefore must select the answer they think is most likely to win the heart of the guy. For example which of these do you think will impress him?

1. Hi Handsome!

2. Oops sorry I dropped my ice cream on you!

3. Hi you have a very big nose!

Obviously the first answer is the best one to choose if you are to get anywhere with your desired date. Answer number two makes you sound clumsy and answer number three is an insult therefore will put the guy off before you even get started. In order to flirt successfully our motto is, say to your date what you would like your date to say to you, it's simple really!

The next set of answers should be judged the same. If he asks "Do you like my hair?" you wont answer "I don't think it suits you" or he will be upset therefore the answer should be "It suits you". Carry on playing 7 Dates Second Game in this way and you will be dating the man of your dreams in no time. Once you have secured a date you can play the field and begin again, that is unless you have fallen hook line and sinker!