7 Dates Game

7 Dates But Which Date is The One For You?

When it comes to playing dating games online the 7 Dates Game is a great game to start with as it is easy to navigate is colourful, while it is also a lot of fun. We girls all have different ideas when it comes to choosing the right date for us, while 7 Dates gives us the choice of seven different boys both in terms of looks and interests.

Playing the game is easy as the object in hand is to help Jessica, our friend, select a suitable date from the seven boys featured. Click on the arrow to begin and the first boy will appear. There is Jason who looks like your average type of guy, Ethan who looks very studious, Jayden who is very into his hairstyle, Dylan the skateboarder, Liam who likes basketball, Tyler with his huge green eyes and lastly Richard with his long blonde hair and very smart suit.

Once you choose a guy, I chose Liam, click on the character and he will begin to ask you questions that will indicate whether you are compatible or not by which answers you select to give him. Now, if you want to do a little flirting this is the way to go. Liam asks how are you? Dont reply by saying Hello Gorgeous as this is too forward, be a little coy and reply with a simple Hi.

Humour your choice as you go, insulting wont get you anywhere, not in this game, while being miss pushy doesn't work either. Its all trial and error really as if the answers you choose don't suit the guy then it means your not compatible and maybe you should select another date. That's why the 7 Dates Game is such fun as the date you think you want may turn out to be a no go, while the date you didn't think would suit, really has a lot in common with you. Have fun getting there girls!