Celebrity Dinner Date Game

Celebs Will Love to Dine in Your Hotel!

Celebrity Dinner Date Game is set against the clock therefore we have to be decisive in order to win an evening to remember with that special celebrity someone. Guess who my first date was? None other than Mr wriggle hips himself Justin Timberlake that's who! Let's see how how it works.

Once we click "let's begin" the countdown clock is ticking so hurry and make your choices. At the bottom of the screen are five boxes each with an item to click and select, to place at the dinner table. Depending on what you choose to put on your table determines who the date will be. Once you have made all five choices click "serve" to see the table set with your selection.

Players can also earn roses, pink or red depending on your score, while once the table is set you may click to find out who your dinner guest will be. Players can take photos of themselves with the celebs and resize them to save to an album plus use one of the photos as their avatar if required, while playing again means that you rack up a great set of dinner dates to be proud of!

The more celeb demands you get right the better your score meaning your hotel will become very popular with the rich and famous. Win more hearts and flowers to gain more pictures of the celebs, while always bear in mind that you only have two minutes to make your choices. Celebrity Dinner Date is such good fun, while the time element simply makes collecting your celebs more exciting.