Chrono Days Sim Date Game

An Interactive Dating Game for Girls Who Want Excitement!

This amazing dating game is about romance and finding love with a whole heap of excitement thrown in for good measure. Girls who are more interested in finding the man of their dreams, while also engaging interactively with amazing characters will have hours of fun playing Chrono Days Sim Date Game.

The main story in the game is set out to begin with but as we progress options are presented that will affect the story and its result. Our heroine visits the brother of her date who just happens to have invented a time travel machine. It's up to the player as to whether they opt for trying out the machine or not, all we need to remember is that our decisions affect the direction of the game.

Once we travel back in time, leaving our boyfriend behind, we meet up with a great guy who offers to try to help us get back to the future, while we navigate around all the sets and options in order to find the best way of doing so. The game presents us with all the stats we need to help keep check of our status such as the number of days remaining before we will be trapped in the past, while there are quirky features such as being able to play the piano when we visit the Hayes Mansion.

All the time we are looking for ways to mend the time machine, while the number of days left until the time port hole closes is going down. Will we get back or will we stay in the past? This game is fantastic offering so many different options affecting our future and our love life, while how does the story end? Now why would we spoil it for you? You must simply play the game girls to find out how your own story will end!