Fun Mobile Dating Game: Date or Ditch 2

Simplifies the Art of Dating

Date or Ditch 2

Playing the dating game in real life may not be everyone's cup of tea but at least Date or Ditch 2 lets you experiment without getting your heart broken. This dating simulation title will immerse you in a world of romance and exciting possibilities. As a highly successful guy or gal, you've got everything except a fulfilling love life. By getting to know a number of interesting characters, you attempt to find your perfect match in the city that never sleeps.

At the start of the game, you are given the freedom to choose the gender of your character. This, of course, tweaks a few details in the storyline and alters the dialogue. After giving your virtual Casanova a name, your new life begins. You play the part of a yuppie who has just returned to his hometown of New York. Even after spending the last three years abroad, you have yet to find your soul mate. Fortunately, your career is solid and the time you spent in Italy has given you an air of culture and sophistication.

Date or Ditch 2: What to Say

Ever been in a situation where you just don't know what to say? Has any of your quips been ignored or followed by an awkward silence? Well there's no need to worry about that here. Date or Ditch 2 takes the guesswork out of date conversations by marking each response with an appropriate icon. The icons are reminiscent of Yahoo! Messenger smileys, which range from your standard wink emoticon to something as vague as a bouquet of flowers. Though it's fairly easy to tell whether your response is a positive or a negative one, it's not always obvious how much it'll affect the relationship.

Love O Meter

Date or Ditch 2: Love O Meter

On that note, perhaps the most useful tool when determining your chances in winning over "the one" is the Love Meter. The Love Meter starts out empty, with every conversation giving you a chance to fill it up. Positive conversation choices and correct answers to compatibility tests give a dramatic increase while acting like an entitled brat will drive your virtual soul mate away. Keep in mind that your choices affect future events, meaning, a scorned suitor may end up stirring trouble later on. It's really up to you to make (or break) a friendship and your happily ever after relies solely on your choices.

If smooth talking just isn't enough to keep the object of your affection happy, you could always try giving random gifts such as Lotion or Orange Juice. It's easy enough to spot item pickups lying around if you spend enough time exploring a map. While it is nice to have something to speed up the "getting to know you" phase, in the end it makes it too easy to win people over. Perhaps having certain dislikes or requiring the player to actually search for particular objects would have been a better alternative.

Though this is a bite-sized mobile game, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a short adventure. The game is made up of 22 chapters spread across 10 locations with 3 mini games to keep you busy. From your apartment at the Upper East Side, you'll be dining in posh establishments such as Central Cafe and visiting boutiques on 5th Avenue. As far as your in-game social life goes, you'll have the opportunity to get to know 8 different characters. There are old buddies and new flames that you'll get to spend time with throughout the story.

Date or Ditch 2: Alternative Stories

Though being everyone's darling is a possibility, you may slip up and end up causing a world of drama. If that's the case you didn't get the guy or gal you like, you could always replay the game to see what lies on the road less taken. Changing things up between multiple playthroughs allow you to unlock various endings and events. That certainly adds to the game's replay value and keeps things interesting, longer.

It may come as a surprise to those who have never played anything other than match-three titles on their mobile phone, but Date or Ditch 2 is actually quite immersive. Sure, the whole premise of being an incredibly rich yuppie may not appeal to everyone but the variation in dialogue more than makes up for it. You can choose to be as classy or as annoying as you like and then go the other direction when you try the scenario over in a new playthrough. Besides, the whole Gossip Girl-vibe is really nothing compared to the harem-type stories found on anime-inspired dating sims such as Sweet Scandal.

The graphics aren't the best but it does shine in certain aspects. Considering the platform, having realistic portraits and detailed character sprites are pretty impressive. The colors do the job well, though instead of having bright colors everywhere, we would have preferred a unifying theme to tie everything up.

Overall, Date or Ditch 2 exceeded our expectations. Its simplicity, combined with witty dialogue and engaging scenarios are enough to keep the attention of long-time dating sim players. Those who are new to the genre will certainly enjoy its efficient dialogue system and multiple paths. It's a Western take on otome games from Japan and is certainly worth a look if a dialogue-driven story sounds fun to you.

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