Dating Sim Academy Game

Welcome to the land of Purra, home to many cute animal spirits that also happen to be dateable. You don't quite remember how you got there in the first place, but in the greater scope of things, it doesn't matter anyway. As Air, you are the only human in the realm. Will the Starry Moon guide you on your path to romance or will you end up with a broken heart? Only your choices will dictate your lot in love.

The Dream Kitty

To help you kick off your romantic adventure, you are introduced to Kattie the Dream Kitty. She tells you that after fifty days, the stars will grant those who have found true love with a wish. You can then choose to stay in the land with your soul mate or wish yourself back to Earth, leaving the land of Purra behind forever.

Visually, you may specify your gender by picking between a pink shirt or a blue shirt although this decision does not, in any way, impact the characters you can date. You can go for any of the male or female animal spirits regardless of your choice. You can even play dress-up and change your mind in the middle of the game.

Animal Dating Time

As soon as you finish watching the intro, you can begin dating any of the four animals off the bat. The Bunny Lair houses a dark-skinned male rabbit named Yuu, the 600 year-old Fox Spirit Ality is female and a master chef, Red is a male Blood Bat while Helio is a flirtatious Golden Hound Boy. You can visit them any number of times for free but in order to interact with them, you will need to use HP. You regenerate 40 HP every time you sleep and the number stacks if you stay at the hotel several times in a row. This makes it possible to talk to the eligible animal spirits with fewer interruptions.

There are three options you can choose from when interacting with them. The first is, of course, "Talk" which allows you to start a conversation with them. Choosing the correct answers will add experience points and will ultimately determine if you can date them and have a happy ending. The second option is "Gift". Clicking on this gives you a list of which items your chosen animal spirit wishes to receive during your date. Finally, the "Date" option allows you to end the game with that Purrian, granted that you have enough XP to activate it and are prepared to fulfill all their Gift requirements.

Gift requirements have a pattern, it's always a set number of fruits, a type of cake they want you to bake at the Academy, a type of artwork you will need to create yourself, and the kind of clothes the animal spirits want to see you wear (a Dress or a Suit). In order to purchase these items or any related materials, you will need to spend time working over at the Store. Working means spending 10 HP for 30 Shells.

The Verdict: Decent but Used

Overall, it's your standard dating sim format. We do like the concept of the animal spirits as well as the magical world appeal of the game. However, the graphics leave much to be desired. The character illustrations are haphazardly done with little regard to proper proportions so they kind of resemble scribbles. The script is bit too repetitive, mainly because the animals are given only a single, set expression to show their dismay or appreciation. On the other hand, the actual conversations are decent enough to make you want to see things through to the end and the soft color palette gives the game a nice feel. If you think you won't mind the graphics so much, give it a try. Since it can be completed in half an hour, it's also a good game to play when you're pressed for time.