Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim Game

Find True Love By Defeating The Dragon Prince

We love this game as it has all the hallmarks of a true adventure, while finding love among the excitement of completing your mission is a real plus! The main character in the game is Bikyee who refuses to marry the evil Dragon Prince resulting in him threatening to destroy her village in one hundred days as revenge.

Bikyee has to find a way to protect her village and defeat the evil Dragon Prince before he can carry out his threat, while also finding love and romance along the way. She must interact with and talk to characters who can help her including the best warriors in the village.

The four love interest characters Bikyee has to choose from are Fei Rong, Xeebo, Lai Lai and Gray Wolf Raz. Talking is the name of the game as the more you interact and ask questions the more you will gain plus be able to decide who will be your one true love.

Storing and using your HP in Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim Game is crucial to your success as you will use it to learn to fight, work and converse. The game has three main areas including the village where you live, The Wild Forest that has wild animals and the characters you need to get to know plus screens where you can engage characters or fight them in turn based formats.

Keeping strength levels up is also really important as if you don't have enough stored you will be unable to defeat the evil Dragon Prince when he attacks. All this has to be weighed against also talking enough to find your love interest too. Its a fine line to tread but then it is what makes Dynasty Lovers Dating Sim Game so fascinating.