Festival Days Sim Date Game

Find a Boyfriend before the Festival Begins

Girls will have a great time talking and interacting with cute colourful characters in order to earn points before the festival begins in thirty days time. Come on girls let's get chatty as the more we talk to everyone the better the game flows plus you will earn gifts to present to your date of choice too.

All four boys in this game are really cute therefore flirting should come easy for us girls this time around. Engage your guys in friendly banter by being cute and sassy, while each boy has a unique personality so judge your replies on what they ask you. Don't be shy girls these boys don't bite!

The story is amazing from start to finish plus there are twelve different endings to your misssion making it a really exciting play, while along the way there are so many cool things to do you are spoiled for choice. Going back in order to find a different ending is great fun too and well worth the effort. Work for a few hours to earn extra cash, oh and don't forget to look around all the areas in the town you never know what you may find!

Take the library for instance, solve a few puzzles then you will have enough points to open the book of cheats or read the walkthrough book. The maths puzzle is a real sticky one but we got it in the end. Have fun girls, we hope you get the date that you hope for before the thirty days are up, while girls will definitely have hours of fun playing Festival Days Sim Date.