Idol Days Sim Date Game

Wow! Girls Find Love Among their Idols

Girls of all ages will have fun playing this game and it's no surprise why! Who wouldn't want to play in a band of three guys and one girl namely you! Girls have thirty days to get to know and bond with five different characters before they perform on stage with the band in their very own concert.

Players can work in store in order to earn money, while practising your guitar skills is a must as you prepare for your performance. Playing a rock chick is great fun and it puts us girls on a level with the guys for a change too. Players get to choose a name plus what attributes you want your rock chick to have such as wisdom or charm. Whichever you chose affects who you will date so bear this in mind girls.

Idol Date SIM Game begins in the city where you meet up with and join a band, this is where the real fun starts as you try to make friends and date your band mates before the big debut night arrives. Girls can't instantly date a boy, not in this game, it takes time to build up a rapport with a guy, while try to cut to the chase too soon and your guy will tell you "no your rushing me"in no uncertain terms.

Let your guy know how much you care by buying him gifts, this helps to build the relationship further but don't jump the gun and offer him gifts before you have chatted for a while or he will shy away. Once you have got to the point where your boy wants to date you its full steam ahead from here, while all thats left to do is get on stage to perform like the amazing rock chick you are.