Kingdom Days Sim Date Game

A King A Princess and a Faithful Servant: Help them find True Love in Kingdom Days

Kingdom Days has all the features of a real royal true love story as it involves a princess named Rose who has lost her kingdom to war, an arrogant king who offers to marry her and a handsome faithful servant who will do anything to protect her and is part elf! You have thirty days to build relationships with five characters and hopefully get them to date you, while players firstly select their levels of charm, wisdom plus magic points to set them on their way. Players can earn cash in order to buy gifts to charm their dates, while choosing the ending to their story is really fun.

As with many Sim games including Kingdom Days it is we girls who decide what will happen and how events will unfold. Do you want to marry Lewis your faithful friend or Joseph the arrogant king? Maybe you have fallen for another guy? If you want to date someone other than the two main characters you should aim to invite them to your wedding. How to do this? Chat chat and more chat while you bring up the subject of the wedding in with the conversation.

Players must negotiate around the game in order to reach the ending they desire, while obviously monitoring how many days are left in order to complete the mission. There are all kinds of fun things to come across and work out, while all the prospective love interests have their own individual personalities and traits its just a matter of who do you like the best? We fell in love with them all, not the aim of the game we know but then we are suckers for romance.