Match Match Date Game

Girls! Play the Ultimate Makeover Game to Win a Dream Date

We girls love makeover games and the Match Match Date game is amazing as girls can completely change their look along with their dates look at the click of a button. Start by naming your couple then select hair colour, skin colour and outfit colour for both, making your couple look unique in every way.

Match Match Date is crazy in that if you want your date to have blue skin then you can! or if you would like your avatar to have purple hair then you can! The possibilities are endless, while once you have created your desired couple you can then add all kinds of effects to make the scene look quirky or even romantic, its really up to you.

Your couple are now sitting at the dinner table so why not frame the scene with one of the selection of frames at the bottom of the screen. Players can also drag and drop all kinds of extras such as strawberries, speech bubbles or mood lighting. Once you are happy with your completed scene you can then take a photograph by clicking Upload to Album. You can then name the album, once you have registered and signed in that is. Create your perfect match to impress your friends with your very own dream date.