Naruto Dating Sim Game

Naruto Dating Sim is Perfect for the Otaku in You

How is this Naruto game strictly as a dating sim? Well, it does have unique features that come with it being based on an action anime. There's a Spar option during the dating sequences, you can opt for Chakra and Strength Training instead of just working for money to buy presents and your stats determine which ninja is attracted to you. The bottom line is that the game’s main point is that it focuses on dating characters more than anything else –even the ninja-related stuff has an end goal related to character compatibility or earning you stuff for use in dates.


Speaking of which, you control Sakura Haruno, the pink-haired medical-nin who is conscious about her large forehead. According to the storyline, it's nearly time for the final round of the Chuunin exam. Due to the fact that so many Genin have died trying to pass this dangerous test, Sakura has decided to make this time a memorable one by winning over one of her fellow candidates. Your goal is to help her charm one of three love interests, namely, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and even Mr. Bushy Brows himself --Rock Lee. You have a hundred days to accomplish this tricky task or, well, Sakura ends up lonely.

While Charm impresses everyone around you, you will need to focus on one of three main stats in order to win over a specific ninja. Having a high Intelligence is not only useful for teaching children, it also impresses Sasuke. Strength, which boosts your HP, will help you get closer to Lee. And, last but not the least, Naruto is attracted to someone with a high Chakra. If you want to win someone over early on, you will need to prioritize working on a stat from the start.

All Over Konoha

We're actually impressed with the number of locations this game has. While a lot of dating sims have around 6 areas to visit, Naruto Dating Sim has a total of ten. That's not even counting the places you can visit on dates. We also liked the game's script. While it's not award-winning material, the characters do seem to act like they would in the anime and the correct replies are not always easy to spot. Basically, the challenge level is pretty good for a title in the genre.

Though the game does have plenty of locations and interesting features, we can't really recommend Naruto Dating Sim for the graphics. Being a fan-made dating sim, expect some weird proportions and awkward faces. Trust us it's not just because of the fact that we know how the anime and manga look like. We applaud the creator for trying to emulate the look and feel of Naruto, but there are times when character faces look squished or cleaved in half. In fairness, it does make the game more fun to play with friends because the graphics allow for some pretty amusing scenes.

The Verdict: It’s a Date Ba Yo!

So, why play the Naruto Dating Sim? Well, if you love the anime, there's really no reason to pass up a chance to make a Sasu x Saku, a Naru x Saku or even a Rock x Saku (no one can stop you if that's really your thing) ending happen right? At worst, it will make you swoon and remind you of all those fanfics you've had the good fortune to read. At best, it will make for an awesome party game to play and laugh about with your anime-loving friends. It's really not for kids though, so it may not be a good idea to introduce it to your little brother.