Popstar Dating Sim Game

Do you want to become a pop star? In Popstar Dating Sim, you can focus on training to become one or date the game's eligible bachelors to your heart's content. As Mina, have 60 days to hone your singing skills if you want to become the summer pop star princess. Of course you will have to contend with Emi, you're long time rival, in both singing prowess and being the most popular girl in town. Unlike other simple dating sims, this title has it all and it manages to keep the story sweet.

More Than Just the Music

The mechanics are pretty much as you would expect from a dating sim. You are allowed to jump to and from any of the locations. However, in order to progress the story, you will need to expend HP to participate in various activities. This includes initiating a conversation with the other characters, working at the Creamery Queen to earn money and, of course, training to be a pop star with Fantom. You start the game with 50 HP and you can opt to use it up outright or sleep several days in succession to stock up on it. Sleeping replenishes 50 HP and a each location has a convenient shortcut link for it.

There are a total of three endings per character and the requirements vary for each one. There are three dateable guys, namely, the boy next door named Air, Jaiden, who happens to be your Pre-cal classmate and resident surfer and Kiterin, a guy that Emi also likes. Speaking of which, Emi also has unlockable endings of her own. If you want to view them, you will need to either see the pop star competition through to the end or end up with a bad ending. To get a happily ever after with any of the guys, you will need to figure out and purchase their favorite items.

Get Your Looks Right

As with any of the creator's games, you can change your outfits in Popstar Dating Sim. However, each of the dresses cost a pretty penny so you will need to visit Kacy's and put in some hours at the Creamery Queen to earn some cash. Working uses up 20 HP and rewards you with $50 per click. If you are serious about the pop star part of the game, then your best bet is to dedicate some in-game time to training. Emi also happens to be practicing in earnest so you will need to do your best to fit in enough training sessions within the 60-day time limit. Successfully "defeating" bad notes gives Mina an increase in her stats, essentially improving her singing technique.

The Verdict: This Needs an Encire

So how does Popstar Dating Sim fare against Bomee's other dating games? It's not bad but the script isn't our top pick either. The creator's supernatural-themed title, Moonlight Dating Sim, has a more compelling storyline. The graphics are on the same level, mainly because all the art assets were drawn using a mouse. It's not really our favorite aspect of Bomee's games but we have to admit, the choice to only use a mouse is an interesting one. The music and ambient sound choices are pretty spot, which helps bring the pop star theme to life. However, the game could have benefitted from a volume control or even a music toggle. If you do not want to be startled, load the game with low speaker settings as the volume is set pretty high.

Play Popstar Dating Sim if you liked any of the creator's other titles. The game has some quirky segments such as music training which entails literally attacking bad notes and it also has cameos from other Bomee games. If you are new to this line of dating sims, we suggest taking a look at screen shots first just so you can gauge if the art style is to your tastes.