Winter Dance Sim Date Game

Five Guys! Who Will Be Your End of Term Date?

It's just four weeks to your graduation girls and you need a date for the end of school prom. How will you find that all important date and who will it be? Play Winter Dance Sim Date Game to date five potential romantic interests, be the envy of your friends and date the guy of your dreams.

Lily is the main character in this game, looking for a date and doing all she can to find the one for her. She lives with foster parents and has to change schools just before the end of term as her former school burns down. This is simply background filler as it does not impact on how the game is played. Lily needs to attend lessons in order to gain stats then she can buy gifts for her date or even work to earn money.

Players need to gather HP in order to progress but if not enough rest is taken you will run out of energy so watch out for this. Sleeping does however mean you move a day nearer the prom lopping days off your time limit each time you take a nap.

Talking to the characters and interacting as much as possible is paramount, while you will need to complete a conversation before you can ask a date to dance. Instructions appear on the screen so don't worry too much. Players need to talk at least three times, give your date two gifts then you may ask for a kiss!

We have to say some of the answers aren't that obvious, while it takes a couple of tries to get it right. That said Winter Dance Sim Date Game is lots of fun to play, while with many different endings it makes for a challenge in order to find them out.