Wonderland Days Sim Date Game

Interactive Dating in Wonderland as You've Never Seen it Before

Travel through Wonderland interacting and speaking to as many characters as possible in order to earn relationship points and EXP. This game is based on the children's favourite story Alice in Wonderland with players taking on the role of Alice who has thirty days to explore Wonderland interacting with everyone and everything so that she can return home.

Exploring is definitely the best way to go in Wonderland Days as by doing so you will stumble upon items that will aid you in your quest. In order to date for example you will need to find a new dress. Where can this item be found? All we will say is don't forget how exciting it can be to run around in a maze! and don't worry you will find your way out of the maze easily so will not get lost, wasting time. 

Players must talk to as many characters as possible, perform on the streets or work in the shop to earn cash in order to buy gifts etc, while as with all dating games the main aim is to eventually go out on a date to find love. In order to complete the game in the company of a particular character players must chat until the chosen character runs out of dialogue.

We love this game as it alludes to one of our favourite stories while the characters are portrayed strictly by humans not the animals in the original tale. Players who like interactive SIM games will enjoy Wonderland as a certain amount of skill is required in order to complete the mission. Maybe the guy of your dreams is waiting in Wonderland to greet you? who knows!